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About the Project

The purpose of this project is multi-perspective analysis of structure and dynamics of open scientific resources in the Polish humanities and social sciences. The digital platform FBC (Digital Libraries Federation) focused all Polish open digital libraries was selected as data source. Investigators will use the information visualization methods as the most appropriate in the complex analysis of large datasets. According to the authors assumptions these research will help to identify the contemporary structure of open digital resources in the humanities and social sciences, to reveal the dynamics of change since 2007 - the date when the repository FBC have been founded. Similar studies on visualization were conducted in countries such as: Netherlands, the USA, Finland. The comparative study of science domain visualization maps in Poland versus global could be added value in current project.



We collaborate with computational and information centers, digital libraries, archives and repositories that allow us to use and test given data.

We create a new database structures by filtering and comparing relevant information. In final stage all given results will be visualized by use the proper method.


Our articles

Publications written by the team in 2014-2015.



At local and international conferences we strive to demonstrate our results, the current methods of visualization and data processing. Data visualization includes the both textual and numbering information. We also want to highlight the importance of visualization technologies in the development of humanities and social sciences.

In March 23-24 2017 we organize international conference on Information Visualisation in Humanity


Science maps


fot. by The Opte Project, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons


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