About the project

The purpose of this project is multi-perspective analysis of structure and dynamics of open scientific resources in the Polish humanities and social sciences. The digital platform FBC (Digital Libraries Federation) focused all Polish open digital libraries was selected as data source. Investigators will use the information visualization methods as the most appropriate in the complex analysis of large datasets. According to the authors assumptions these research will help to identify the contemporary structure of open digital resources in the humanities and social sciences, to reveal the dynamics of change since 2007 - the date when the repository FBC have been founded. Similar studies on visualization were conducted  in countries such as: Netherlands, the USA, Finland. The comparative study of science domain visualization maps in Poland versus global could be added value in current project.

Open codes and technologies, open science, open collaboration models - the activities which should be supported and popularized. One of way to popularize it is to begin long-term research on evolution of Polish open digital resources. The authors formulate the particular goal of this project to be oriented for analysis of the digitization dynamics of Polish Humanities and Social Sciences.

The authors hope these research will significantly strengthen the position of information visualization as the innovative and useful in Polish science, especially in Social Sciences and Humanities. This will be realized through the publication of research results, writing a monograph deal with a science mapping and the creation of the interactive special webservie dedicated to the current topic.


Wizualizacja Nauki

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